Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Next Logical Step

I found it exciting to think that I was helping my customers and at the same time I was making some money at it. My next Directory was The Sunrise, FL Business Directory ( and it seemed to take off just as quickly as the first. I again purchased a license for PowerSeek and found the listings via the online Yellow Pages. Adding the Adsense ads to this site increased my revenue somewhat, so I started another.

Although the software was more than adequate to create quality Directory websites, I am always looking for something new. I found a php link Directory software at: This software doesn't have all the features of PowerSeek, but will create a Directory that allows reciprocal linking (which PowerSeek does not). Rather than create a new domain to try out this software, I simply added it to an exiting site located at:

The latest software that I purchased is from the same software author as above, but it's purpose is to create Regional Directories. So I purchased this and created a new Directory located at:

This Directory differs from the others by allowing two views of the site but only uses one mySQL database. Visitors can view the site in 'Normal' mode where you see the categories on the home page, or they can switch to 'Regional' mode. In this mode, you first select the Country, then State and see the various cities that have listings in them. Selecting the city gives you the listings by category for only the city you selected.

I like this software for several reasons: first, it is inexpensive: just $25.00. Secondly, it installs very easily simply by uploading the files to the server and using the web browser to complete the install. It uses one mySQL database. The other thing about this Directory is that it allows for either a paid listing or a reciprocal link back to your site. This software is brand new and can be purchased at:

More later.

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