Sunday, January 17, 2021

Benefits of running 26 Online Directory Websites

After many years of creating niche Directory websites, I now feel like I have most niches covered. When someone submits a site to one Directory, I find it possible to add it to another as well. Each Directory has a matching category that fits the criteria as well. This really benefits the submitter by adding exposure to their website without any additional effort on their part. To make it more enticing for the submitter to pay for a Premium listing, I now run a script on every Directory that places their Premium listing at the top of their specific category, on every inner page of these Directories as a random link, and on the Home Page as well. A complete list of my Directories can be found here: With 26 Directory sites, one of which will certainly fit the criteria of any website. Feel free to submit your site to any of these, and consider making it a Premium listing to get maximum exposure. It is certainly the best way to maximize your advertising dollars.

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